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The Fifth Wall

Now that you’ve spent countless hours picking the perfect paint colors for your walls, we’ve got the new interior decorating challenge for you. Picking the perfect paint color for your ceiling! That’s right … it’s time to think of your ceiling as your fifth wall. Plain old white ceilings are a thing of the past as decorators and homeowners have discovered a whole new way to add a signature look to a room.

An eye-catching accent ceiling is nothing new, of course. After all, Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling way back in 1508. We don’t recommend anything quite that elaborate but the ceiling does often seem to be a missed design opportunity.

For many, making the most of the fifth wall will mean choosing a paint color. And sure, there are times that experts do recommend the mainstay white. Say, when there is little natural light in the room or you are trying to disguise imperfections in older ceilings. But think beyond white: Light colored ceilings can help give a natural, airy feel to a room. Light blue, for example, may help make a room feel like it is under a beautiful open sky. A light yellow ceiling can make a room feel as though it’s filled with sunshine. Dark colors – think navy blue or dark mocha brown – can actually give a room contrast and make it feel larger than what one might expect. When paired with white walls, a dark ceiling color is a dramatic and beautiful choice.

Other new ideas: Wrap the ceiling into one wall by using one dramatic color. The rest of the room can stay white for major impact. Or why not consider wallpaper for the ceiling for a truly unique look? Adding a stenciled pattern or freeform design on the ceiling can also give your space a fun and modern feel. For those lucky enough with tray or coffered ceilings, you have opportunity to highlight the architectural details of your home by selecting contrasting colors for the recessed ceiling elements. Try painting the ceiling squares a bright color or paint the contrasting trim a darker color and leave the recessed ceiling parts white. Either way, coffered and tray ceilings are sure to catch the eye.

There’s definitely more than paint when it comes to ceiling options. Some homeowners are using reclaimed wood panels for a rustic look or beadboard to the ceiling to give it a cottage look. When it comes to ceilings, the sky really is the limit!

Source: DLP Marketing

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