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Sun Catchers

solatube-systemWho doesn’t love the look and feel of a sun-drenched room, light and airy and full of freshness? Unfortunately, if you’re like most homeowners, you have a room or two that always seems a bit dark and dreary. Maybe it’s a downstairs bathroom with only one small window, a windowless closet or laundry room, or even a main space in your home that just never seems to get enough natural sunlight. Sound familiar? Well then, have we found an interesting solution for you!

Enter Solatube, a cool new way to get natural sunlight into the darkest and most depressing rooms of your home … all without major construction. And without breaking the bank! Here’s how it works: Solatube installers come to your home and fit in tubing that runs from your rooftop to the ceiling of the room you’re looking to illuminate. The Solatube Daylighting System captures sunlight in a domelike lens on the roof. Then the light is transferred down this tubing, which is made from highly reflective material. Finally, special diffusers at the end of the tubes evenly disperse the natural sunlight throughout the room. The Solatube tubing can run for up to 30 feet allowing natural light to flow into lower levels of your home, something which cannot be done with traditional skylights of yore. And because the tubing is installed in sections, angled pieces can be built around joists and rafters so there is no major construction needed at installation. In fact, installation can take place in just a few hours.

And while older skylights often look outdated, Solatube offers several stylish choices of decorative fixtures to finish the look of the lights in your rooms. Guests may not even realize the lights are anything other than traditional light fixtures. There are even options to diffuse the light, making it seem natural, warm, or soft, depending on your lighting preferences.

Of course, the natural sunlight is a huge benefit to the look of your home, but the other major advantage of the Solatube system is for your electricity bill. Since sunshine is free, your lighting bill will be decreased. That’s good for you and for the environment! Studies have also shown that natural sunshine is good for your health. And if the newfound sunshine is ever too much of a good thing? The company offers a handy dimmer to shut out daylight in case you need to go nap.

Source: DLP Marketing

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