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Saltwater Savvy

saltwater poolYou love your backyard pool and spa. You cannot imagine enjoying summer without them. But wait! What are all those chemicals you use to keep them clean and algae-free doing to your body, the environment, your wallet? Plain old salt may be the answer. Saltwater swimming pools and spas have been popular in other parts of the world for a long time and now, because of concern for the environment, they are gaining popularity on our home turf.

The many benefits of Saline Purification Systems are quickly making them the water maintenance of choice. Don’t be misled by the term saltwater pool as the water actually contains chlorine, but it is salt-generated rather than man made. By adding a chlorine generator to your pool’s system, the salt added to the water produces the chlorine needed to keep your water clean reducing the need to continually add chlorine and other chemicals.

There is minimal cost and some maintenance savings but most people convert to saltwater because it is healthier and more comfortable for swimming.


Good for You and the Planet

• Eco-friendly and less harmful to environment
• Less harsh and irritating on skin, eyes and hair than chlorine
• Easier on breathing for asthma and allergy sufferers
• Natural therapeutic effects
• Clear and odor-free swimming
• Natural algae reducing affect
• No storage or handling of toxic chemicals

Less Work – More Play

• Top off salt levels when water floods/splashes out of pool
• Saline Systems monitor themselves with warning light if change needed
• The system converts salt into chlorine within the water as needed

More Savings for You

• Smaller maintenance costs – salt is cheaper than chlorine
• Lower electricity costs – filtration system doesn’t have to be run constantly, only once or twice a day for short periods of time depending on pool size
• With proper care of pool, converting to a Saline System should pay for itself in about two years
• Swimwear lasts longer


• Some amount of man-made chlorine is still needed to keep everything algae and bacteria free
• Cells of Saline Systems need to be replaced regularly due to major calcium build-up
• Professional attention still necessary if water is too salty as this can be corrosive

Take an eco-friendly dip and have a touch of the ocean in your backyard!

Source: Desert Lifestyle Publishing

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