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Safe & Sound: Keeping Your Home Secure During Vacation

When spring blooms, many of us travel for a break from school and work. If you find yourself planning an out-of-town break this year, take some extra time to secure your home while you’re away.

• Unplug appliances and electronics that won’t be used. Not only will you reduce the risk of dangerous malfunctions while you’re away, unplugging appliances that aren’t even turned on will save you money on your energy bill.

• Double-check that the oven and range aren’t turned on.

• If you have a gas fireplace, range or BBQ, it may be prudent to turn off the pilot lights if you’ll be gone for an extended period.

• Clean out the refrigerator of any food that may spoil and turn your automatic ice-maker to the off position.

• Turn your hot water heater down or to “vacation” mode.

• Make sure all faucets are off and that no toilets are running.

• Adjust the thermostat to save on energy bills.

• Close the flue in fireplaces.

• Dispose of all garbage from inside the home and make arrangements for a friend or neighbor to take your trash cans out and back in on pick-up days.

• Check your calendar and change or cancel any scheduled deliveries.

• Stop your newspaper delivery and put a hold request on your mail.

• Check your irrigation system in the yard. Is the timer set appropriately? Are there any underground water leaks or sprinkler problems?

Just as you may be anticipating your travels, so might the local burglars! So take some precautions to keep criminal minds at bay:

• Of course, lock and secure all entry points to the home. Don’t forget to lock the door from the garage into your home.

• Attach timers to lamps and to your TV or radio. Set it for the hours you typically watch TV.

• Adjust blinds, shades and curtains. However, if you normally have them open, completely shutting them down tends to alert a burglar that you have shuttered up the home in your absence.

• If you are leaving a car behind, be sure it is locked as well. Even if it’s in the garage.

• If you don’t have a pool service company to care for your pool, make arrangements for somebody to make a special trip to your home in the event of a storm.

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