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Roof Remedies

It’s summer! Not only does that mean the heat is here, it also means seasonal storms are on the horizon. With hot weather and rain, it’s important to keep an eye on your home’s roof. Don’t wait for a leak to appear in your living room because by then the roof damage could be extensive. What can you do to be proactive and stay one step ahead of repairs?

The first step to maintaining the integrity of your roof is to check that no tree branches are touching it and no debris is on the roof. Many homeowners can clean leaves and branches from their roof and gutters themselves. When it comes to inspections and repairs, however, it makes sense to hire a roof contractor skilled at walking on high and often fragile roofs. Most experts recommend getting a professional to inspect your roof annually to stay one step ahead of problems.

Since roof projects can turn into nightmares when not done right, it’s important to choose a licensed roofing specialist. Be sure the contractor’s license is current and in good standing. It’s actually a criminal offense to contract without a license in many states. Don’t regret hiring a company that quotes a lower price but doesn’t have the proper certification and references.

What problems might a contractor find? Summer monsoons often cause wind, rain, and hail damage. High winds can lift edges of roofing materials and possibly even blow some shingles or tiles off. This allows rain to get in, leading to rot and mold problems. Rain and hail damage can be harder to determine until you get up close to the roof to inspect for problems. Excessive heat can also cause some roof materials to deteriorate.

Tile roofs are beautiful and long-lasting, but they are heavy and more expensive than some other roofing materials. Also, the protective water-proof layers underneath the tiles usually need repair long before the tiles do, which means removing and then replacing tiles. While inspecting a tile roof, the contractor will look for broken or cracked tiles that need to be replaced or any openings where water can get in. These areas are often found near chimneys and flashing and will need to be fixed before leaks appear inside your home – look for cracks in the paint and peeling wallpaper as signs of water damage from a leaky roof. Professionals will also check for adequate installation, ventilation, and water-tightness.

Once you know the roof above you is sound and secure you can relax knowing your home is protected and in tip-top shape.

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