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Real Estate Goes High Tech

Remember when looking for a new home meant tagging along with an agent to see dozens of places before you even saw one that was remotely right for you? Then came the internet and tons of photos. Yes, photographs look amazing, but the actual abode can sometimes feel a bit different than the images once in the actual space. Other times, it’s hard to imagine your own furniture in a room with the current homeowner’s stuff in the space.

Luckily, today’s homebuyers are now able to search for their new abode online with 3D video imaging, ruling out casas that don’t meet their criteria, and imagining homes with nothing in them at all or with furniture rearranged, thanks to new technological advances in the world of real estate. Recently, agents have been able to offer potential buyers even better sneak peeks of homes by providing 3-D tours of their listings. Now, buyers can not only look at photos of the homes but they can feel as if they are virtually inside the homes and are able to scroll up and down to view ceilings, floors, and even closets, all without leaving the comfort of their current home.

Want to get an even better look at a home that could be “the one”? Today’s top agents are providing drone video tours of their most luxurious properties, allowing buyers to see the vicinity, specific geographic features, and exterior views of the house and property. This aerial view is the best way to get a feel for just how much land a house sits on and how close neighbors are to your potential crib. One special tool some agents now use to showcase their homes is Matterport, a virtual reality 3D home tour service that allows the viewer to “walk” through the home, with clickable buttons to showcase the home’s unique features (for example, you can click to get specifics on a wine bar or details on the height of the ceiling in the great room). The service also offers a realistic “dollhouse view” of the home so buyers can easily see the homes layout and size and scope of the rooms in relation to one another.

For those who really want to feel like they are walking around inside the house, homebuyers can even wear a virtual reality headset to fully immerse themselves in the home tour with Matterport. Who knows, some people may even buy their home today without ever stepping foot in the front door until closing day!

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