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Making Room for What Matters Most

Does your home fit your current lifestyle? Has your life changed since you purchased your home? Maybe it’s time to “right-size.”

The concept of right-sizing is assessing what is important to you at this stage of your life. Be specific about what is essential and what you want to experience in your life. Right-sizing is the journey towards creating a lifestyle that fits your desires.

The solution may be simple. Reconfiguring your current home to better fit the space you need may be the path to a better lifestyle. Forget what the rooms are named but rather focus on what you need for useful space. As things change, homes can change too.

Right-sizing may be working with what you have but making better use of existing space. Analyze the spaces in your home and how you currently use them. Consider the practical possibilities to adapt them to your current situation. Repurpose the dining room that only gets used three times a year. One home office might not be enough if more than one family member is working from home. Reimagine how these spaces can be used based on your family’s current needs and varied activities.

On the other hand, right-sizing may be moving from your current home to a new space – one that is more in tune with your current lifestyle and priorities. Is having the big house in the suburbs packed with amenities, and the cost to maintain all those extras, still important?

You may discover that layout and location of the house might be more significant than square footage. If you take the time to find a layout that works for you, the size is usually secondary. When the location is good and close to the people and places that matter most, then you’ve enhanced the value.

For example, a more compact home doesn’t need to be filled with as much stuff. Take time to furnish and decorate your house with only a few things that you love and need. Another plus: A new smaller home comes with far less maintenance and utility costs.

This process is often called “down-sizing” and that implies sacrifice or giving up something. But right-sizing is a conscious choice for a better lifestyle that fits you and your family in the best way possible. It is about finding what brings your life meaning – in your current home or a new one.

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