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Lighten Up!

lighted roomWant to create the perfect mood in any room of your home? Focus on the lighting … it’s one of the most effective ways to reinvigorate your space. Whether you’re in the bath or the boudoir, the den or the dining room, lighting sets the scene for whatever is at hand. The secret is getting the right mix of natural, ambient, and task lighting.

The first thing to consider is the purpose of the room. Work spaces—think kitchens and office spaces—should be well lit from above so cooking, cleaning, or computer work can be done with ease. Let as much natural light into these spaces as possible to help invigorate your mind while working. Install plenty of overhead lighting, with recessed, under-cabinetry lighting for specific tasks in the kitchen. In the den, make sure desks have ample task lighting for reading, writing, and computer work. In living rooms, be sure to place lamps near cozy chairs made for curling up with a good book.

In the bathroom, use lighting to enhance what is often a smaller space and perhaps lacks abundant, if any, natural lighting. Chandeliers—once denizens of the dining room alone—now find themselves at home in the bathroom, and look lovely and appropriate when in-scale to the room. After all, spa-like bathrooms should be well lit, bright, and sparkling clean. To complement a chandelier, consider targeted recessed lighting above the vanity and soft, subtle sconce lighting for nighttime and to help set a soothing scene. A large, decorative mirror can also help reflect light to further brighten up smaller spaces.

Of course, for other rooms, ambiance is more the goal than anything else. Rooms that come to mind: dining rooms and dramatic entryways, where chandeliers traditionally rule the roost. Consider dimmers to get the ambient lighting just right for meal times and opt for additional recessed lighting when the room is used for other purposes. Sideboards are perfect spots for lamps that will help set the scene at parties and during buffets.

When a room is perfectly lit, you may not even notice it. But you do notice when you’re in a dimly lit room with no lamp in sight. The perfect mix and balance of natural and ambient lighting brings a house to life and creates a productive and soothing place to live. So go ahead, lighten up!

Source: DLP Marketing

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