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hands and plantsSpring is here! Time to get out your gardening gloves, roll up your sleeves, and get dirty. But for those who are new to the gardening game, where to start? Follow these easy get-green tips for beginner (and experienced) botanists alike.

Start with a clean slate. As soon as you can, get outside and pick up leftover winter debris. Sticks and leaves should all be bagged and put out by the street. Pull any lingering weeds. Now examine your gardens and determine what still looks in good shape … and what needs a major overhaul from last year.

Take a photo … and let your imagination run wild. After you snap a few pics, bring your phone in by your computer. Imagine what favorite plants or colors you’d like to see in that space. Color is often of upmost importance when planning a garden, so try searching for “purple flowering plants” or “yellow flowering plants” to achieve the look you desire. Jot down the names of those plants that appeal to you and search for those. You’ll soon see if those do well in your area.

Be a native son. It’s always best to work with native plants that thrive naturally in your zone (to determine your growing zone, log onto and enter your zip code). You can search for plants online that will do best in your particular climate or head to the bookstore to find resources on gardening in your zone. Of course, a trip to your local nursery or garden center will be most beneficial as the experts there will know which plants will do well in your specific area, and which will not. Seeing the plants in person is always best as well.

Check your soil. Healthy plants need healthy dirt. To ensure you have that, bring a soil sample to a local gardening center or agricultural school or co-op to determine the pH level of your soil. Your plants may need additional nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, to really thrive.

Map it out. Many garden plans can be found online—just look for a plan or map that appeals to you and is approximately the correct size for your garden. For true beginners, preplanned gardens can be delivered to your door with enough plants and variety to provide color and long-lasting blooms throughout the growing season. All you have to do is dig the holes and remember to water them!

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