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Ahhhh, vacation! Maybe you’ve just planned that long-awaited trip to Ireland or China. Or maybe you’re off to Hawaii soon with the kids. If your idea of the perfect vacation is a week of sightseeing with other tourists or lazing on the beach with a margarita in hand, we get it. But if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, a little off the beaten path that will have your family remembering this trip for years to come, you may want to consider adding some unique “experiences” to your travel itinerary. We promise, you won’t regret missing a few hours on your lounge chair.

Millennials seem to have started this trend, moving away from spending their money on possessions and instead putting it toward experiences. Just take a peek at Airbnb and click on the “Experiences” tab. Going to Paris? Skip the designer handbag souvenir and instead while you’re there “Taste wines with a certified sommelier” ($74 per person). Considering Cuba? Why not “Tune into daily rhythms with two Cuban scholars” who will guide you in a lifestyle experience over two days in Havana ($145 per person). You can even “Clean up a canal with eco-activists” in Amsterdam ($31 per person).

Of course, you don’t need to book an experience through a web site to try something new. You can look for activities anywhere you happen to be, often through the hotel you are staying at. Why not spend some time diving with the dolphins next time you take a beach vacation? Heading to a mountainside resort? See about signing up with a local tour guide to help you hike into secret locations only those in the know can locate. Loving the local cuisine during a European getaway? Take a tour of a small organic farm or vineyard and learn how the food is grown and prepared.

With all these awesome experiences, one thing is for sure: You’ll have plenty of amazing photos to post on Instagram or Facebook for all your friends and family to see. Though it may be easier and tempting to simply sit back and relax during your time off, spending a little extra time planning and perhaps a little extra money on some of these tours or side trips will pay off. Because in the end, the memories you and your family make will last a lifetime. And after all, who needs one more souvenir knickknack? You’ll only end up having to dust it!

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