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Coexisting With Wildlife

Seems like every day there’s a viral video about a renegade bear or mountain lion that has found its way into someone’s backyard or even into their kitchen. Due to climate change and urban sprawl, more wild animals are meandering into neighborhoods and heavily populated areas. Why is this happening and how can we keep the peace and share the planet?

As wild animals find it harder and harder to find water and food due to drought and weather unpredictability brought on by climate change, they wander farther into more populated areas searching for sustenance. For us humans, depending on where you live, that could mean finding a fox, a raccoon, a mountain lion, or even a bear scavenging in your yard or right outside your door. Adding to the problem, more and more humans are choosing to live in more remote areas, displacing animals from their homes.

So what can be done to safely coexist with wildlife? First off, experts say to make sure homeowners aren’t unintentionally luring animals right to their doors. For example, don’t leave garbage or recycling cans outside for animals to get into. If you have an outdoor grill, move it inside a garage at night if possible or be sure it is cleaned of food and grease, both of which will surely attract wildlife. Birdfeeders may attract animals other than your feathered friends and may need to be moved or put away. The same goes for pet food and bowls, which should always be stored indoors.

Of course, even when taking these precautions animals may still find a way to enter your area. Whether it’s a fox that keeps hanging around your pets, a squirrel that has entered your attic, or a bear that has taken a liking to your pool, you need to take action. Experts recommend staying away from the unwanted visitor and calling an animal removal professional to ensure both your and the animal’s safety. After all, no one wants to see any creature—humans included, of course—harmed in any way. The goal is to live side by side in harmony. To find a list of recommended wildlife rescue professionals in your state, visit the Humane Society’s web site at Bottom line? Unless it’s a small and safe job, contact a wildlife expert who will remove the animal safely and humanely and help ensure the visitor doesn’t come back again.

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