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Business in the Backyard

As more and more of us work from home – by choice or by necessity, finding a secluded and quiet space amidst the hubbub of home life can prove difficult. After all, who wants to take a call from your boss while the dog is barking and your kids have Cartoon Network cranked to 30? That’s where the “shedquarters” comes in.

What are shedquarters, you may be wondering? This newly coined term for a small and separate home office structure on your property is suddenly something of a work-from-home movement. In the past, employees and entrepreneurs have headquartered their home offices in a room, perhaps a corner by the front door, or maybe cloistered off in the basement. But very often these high traffic – or even hidden away – areas become problematic. They are often too close to distractions, such as television and the kitchen. Family tends to gravitate to these zones too easily.

And that’s the secret to the shedquarters. It is its own separate place with its own entrance. When you head out there, you are clearly “going to the office.” Others know to stay away, and mentally, you know you’re going to work.

In the past, separate sheds have been filled with yard equipment, patio furniture, or maybe even an old car. Taking a cue from the tiny house movement, today’s polished and efficient shedquarters are a far cry from these backyard shelters. In fact, many companies now sell office sheds that can be delivered to your door fully assembled, with wiring and insulation complete, or as kits, which can be assembled on site. Most of these “shoffices” are small, some as little as 8 by 8 feet or 10 by 10 feet and they range in price from about $6,000 to $12,000, while some are considerably more expensive and come fully loaded and ready to be placed somewhere perfect with a view.

These new home office spaces often have a few things in common: they are small, they are modern in design with ample windows so the space doesn’t feel cramped, and they are necessarily sparse in terms of décor. Many of the companies designing them are using ecofriendly materials as well. And because of their minimalist designs, these shedquarters can blend into the landscape nicely.

These tiny offices are clearly built for working … with room for little else. But the best part of all? That’s easy. The commute!

Source: DLP Marketing

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