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A Growing Trend

Chances are you’ve seen a green wall, or living wall, in a large building lobby or a hip modern office. At first, plants seemingly growing out of the wall may seem like an odd idea. But more and more soil-free decorative gardens are taking root on vertical spaces in and around cities, parks, and even in homes. But what exactly are green walls and why are they suddenly so popular?

Living walls originally took root in cities and offices where people longed for greenery but horizontal space was limited. To incorporate green plants into their surroundings, builders and decorators looked up. Not only do these living walls cover unseemly or bare places and offer visual appeal but they also promote health and wellness. How? Well, not only have green plants been shown to lift one’s mood, promote positive energy, and reduce stress but they have also been shown to be beneficial to your health. As you’ll recall from biology class, green plants take in carbon dioxide and pollution and emit clean oxygen for us to breathe. That’s right – plants literally clean the air! And who wouldn’t want that? After all, current studies show that our indoor air—where most of us now spend most of our time—is actually more polluted than outdoor air. Enter plants and green walls to the rescue!

Large-scale living walls in public spaces usually rely on nutrient-rich drip irrigation rather than soil to keep the plants alive. But it is possible to recreate a smaller scale living wall in your own home, indoors or outside your window, with a less intricate recirculating watering system. Pre-designed home green walls can be ordered online or you can be creative and make your own living wall with self-contained plants. Plants can be scattered about or some people prefer to mount them inside a frame serving as a focal point for a living room or entryway. You can also try lining up plants on shelves or simply on a moveable bookcase or cart, which allows viewing from both sides. Suggested greenery includes ferns, grasses, and other low-water plants that need basically the same amount of light and water to make growing them easier. And finally, adding herbs to a kitchen green wall is not only pleasing to the eye, but also to the palate. Bonus: It will even smell good when you walk by. Your guests will be green with envy!

Source: DLP Marketing

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