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10 Ways Del Mar Residents Can Prepare for El Niño

Del Mar El Nino 2015-2016We have had very strange and unusual weather this summer in Del Mar. Rain, thunderstorms, humidity and temperatures in the mid to high 90’s are not characteristics of Del Mar’s summer.

Such a peculiar summer has directed everyone’s attention to the El Niño that has been brewing over the Pacific Ocean.

We have put together a list to help you minimize the possible impacts of the monsoon rain in our near forecast:


1- Prepare Your Home:

Make sure all the drains are open and keep rain gutters, ditches and other water collection ways clear of leaves and debris. Make sure your roof is able to handle a heavy rainfall.


2- Prepare Emergency Electric Provisions:

In a big storm there is always a good chance of disruption in the electric power. Make sure you are stocked up on:

  • flashlights
  • batteries
  • battery powered hand cranked radio
  • first-aid kits
  • whistle

3- Prepare Emergency Food Provisions:

Flooding, mud-slides and downed trees can impede your ability to visit local grocery stores.  We also recommend that you are well stocked with:

  • Several gallons of drinking water
  • long-life non refrigerated nourishments
  • prescription medicine
  • formula and diapers for babies
  • pet food and water for your pets

4- Portable Pumps:

For those homeowners who reside on the hills of Del Mar we highly recommend purchasing a portable electric submersible pump and a long garden hose.  You can identify your flood risk by entering your address at the government’s floodmaster site

5- Make a List:

To help settle any claims and to provide evidence of losses, make an itemized list of personal property (clothing, furnishings and valuables). Take photographs of your home, both inside and out, and store in a safe place.

6- Revisit Your Policy:

Most homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover flooding. If you think your Del Mar home is at risk of flooding during the El Niño, now is the time to buy flood insurance. Note, most insurance companies have a 30 day waiting period before this policy can be effective.

7- Have a Family Plan:

Prepare the members of your family for the possibility of a day time emergency when you are at work and your children at school.

8- Sandbags:

For those Del Mar residents who may be impacted by heavy run-offs, we urge you to visit the Department of Public Works websites for up to date information on locations to obtain free sandbags.

9- Pack Up Important Documents:

Have all your important documents in a water resistant bag and close by in case of an emergency evacuation.

10- Contact an Arborist:

In high winds, downed trees and branches can knock out power or seriously damage homes and vehicles. Have any trees that appear weakened by drought inspected by an arborist.

To conclude, please report any non-emergency storm related problems to (888) 846-0800.

Stay Dry Del Mar.


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